Machu Picchu, Inca Trail, Amazon Jungle and Leadership Development Program

July 13 to July 25, 2012

This Adventure/Experience is tax deductible

Experiencing Peru and the Magic of the Inca 

 with World renown 7-Summits climber*, Werner Berger and Heshie Segal

* Werner is the oldest person in the Western World to have climbed to the roof of the world, the summit of Mt. Everest.

“It was the most magnificent experience of my life…. OMG it was incredible! Werner, I bet you’d be surprised how often I do think of that trip … when you hike those trails, you know you can do and get through anything! Love and hugs.” –Mary Pougnet, ON

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  • Who is Werner Berger – your adventure trip organizer and trip leader
  • Enjoy Peru and the Amazing Inca
  • Amazon Jungle Experience
  • Leadership Development Program July 12 to July 24, 2012

Who is Werner Berger

(Just a glimpse – for more details see Trip Leaders)

                    Enjoy Peru and the Amazing Inca

                                                              – with Werner and Heshie

Every once in a while, it is important to join together in  the realm of the immeasurable,  for, as we all know, this is where the real essence of life is       found!  ….Werner Berger                                              


Amazing Peru, the land of the legendary Inca’s, is one of the most spectacular countries in the world. It is made up of three (3) extremely different regions:  the Coast (Pacific), the Mountains (Andes) and the Lowlands (Amazonian headwaters).*

You can only marvel at the bustling cities, the endless Andean mountains and the unfathomable Inca Ruins. Unfathomable indeed, literally in every sense of the word.

 Come with us to a place of pure encounter, which can  exalt your spirit, so when you return home you carry with  you another perspective and an awesome vision of  how joyous, exhilarating and fulfilling life can really be.

How does anyone take 1000’s of huge boulders (many 100’s of ton in size and more), and carve them so precisely, that when placed together, it is impossible to find enough space to insert even the thin blade of a pocket knife? With our modern day equipment, diamond tipped saws and laser tools, it would be a mammoth, if not impossible task. Seeing is still not believing; you can only observe in amazement, awe and stunned disbelief!

A Touch of History          

Dramatic Annexation in a Short Time

The Inca Empire was the largest empire in pre-European America, with the city of Cusco as its administrative, political and military center. The Inca started their expansion in the 13th century through conquest and peaceful assimilation within Western South America. Huge sections of Ecuador, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Colombia were all annexed prior to 1533. Within a few years of the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors the Inca world collapsed, leaving us with stunning edifices of their remarkable culture and accomplishments.


Amazing Art and Science

Although there were many local Peruvian forms of worship they mostly had one aspect in common; they considered all the world to be sacred and alive. The Inca leadership favored the worship of Inti—the sun god—even though cults like  Pachamama had a strong following. The Inca King was considered to be the child of the sun. On the Inca Trail you will still see locals still spilling the first drops of a drink onto the earth, in reverence and as a gift to Pachamama, Mother of the World.


*1It is the third largest country in South America, with wonderfully friendly people and a population of just under 30 Million. The bulk of the inhabitants are indigenous Indians (45%) who mainly live in the mountainous regions. The Metizo’s (locals mixed with Spanish blood) comprise about 37%, with 14% white and the remainder Asian and Black.

Amazon Jungle Experience

Get away from it all on this 4 day Peruvian jungle adventure. Experience powerful rivers, the headwater tributaries to the mighty Amazon, virgin jungle, and the home to an incredible variety of bird (over 600 species), butterflies (900 species) and exotic dragonflies (118 species).

It Doesn’t Get To Be More Beautiful

The beauty and significance of the rainforest’s role in maintaining the climatological balance of the globe is only surpassed by the scary statistic: 20% of the Amazonian rainforest has already been cut down. Since 1990, the forest is disappearing at the rate of 7000 square miles (18,000 square kilometers) per year. A Miami University research paper adds, “The rainforest still holds the greatest amount of biodiversity in the world, possessing an essentially limitless number of new possibilities for medicinal drugs”.

In the words of Leslie Taylor, “There is just no way that you can really experience a rainforest without stepping into one. No photograph, film, movie, or book can truly do it justice. The power, majesty, energy, and feeling of a primeval rainforest is incredible yet indescribable. None of the pictures or videos I’ve taken in my jungle jaunts even come close to capturing it. I can only take solace in knowing that I am not alone in my frustration in trying to record its mystery and beauty for those that will never have the chance to experience it first hand.”

Come and experience this unique and pristine gift of nature while it can still allow you to enter and enjoy its splendor!

Leadership Development Program

Leaders make a difference! They seek win/win solutions. They are advancers. They are preservers of the globe for the greater good! They don’t force their ideas nor do they sell them; rather, they motivate, inspire and encourage!

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all leaders to some degree. For each of us, dipping our toes into the immersion pool of available knowledge can only lead to fresh perspectives, life changing experiences, learning and personal growth! We have designed this adventure to assist you in discovering your strengths from within, and from the following stimuli:

  • The Inca Culture and it’s remarkable expansion and accomplishments, more than 500 years ago, can today still teach us a somewhat lost way of being…see “Places to See”
  • The Amazon Jungle and its myriad of life lessons exemplifies how the simplicity of the inhabitant’s way of life, and the tranquility of nature can simultaneously sustain and enhance our very being…see “Amazon”
  • The combined experiences and adventurous spirit of Heshie and Werner as consultants, coaches, adventurers, and leaders in their own right, can also support you in discovering your own essence…see “Leadership Dev.”
  • Once acknowledged and accepted, our collective and individual innate wisdoms and leadership strengths can guide us through the highs and lows and the chasm that falls between.

Come play and learn in the Land of the Inca!

LEADERSHIP      COURAGE                      . . . . and FUN!!!!!
VISION                  MOTIVATION     
…..* Remember to book your flight to Cusco (all international flights arrive late afternoon in Lima. We pick you up at the airport, take you to your hotel and bring you back to the airport the next morning to continue on your flight to Cusco)
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