Come, Sample the Riches of Peru!

Webinar and Conference call briefings will be scheduled as requested or needed.

Permits for the Trail are scare and have to be booked well in advance. The Peruvian authorities require complete details of everyone on the permit prior to issue including Passport information….to maintain our current trip dates, places urgency on early registration.

Right now our application is for 20 spaces on the Trail (with the trip starting on August 23, 2015)….going beyond 20 participants will be based solely upon an increase in permit availability….sorry, we have to go on a ‘first come’ basis and will surely be oversold – just like the Everest Base Camp trip was.

The briefings are designed to enlighten you, via photos and narration, to the wonderful world of the Inca,  and the Leadership Development designed to accelerate your business and personal success . . . and, of course, to answer any questions you may have.

Please request and/or register early for any briefing(s) scheduled.

For more information contact

Are you ready for an exciting, Life Changing Experience? If yes, this might just be the one. What does your intuition say?

Be the change in your thoughts, live the change through your actions and love your life with appreciation. ~ Sarah Starr

We look forward to spending time with you and your BUCKET LIST!



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