Inca Trail


Trip Itinerary                                                                                                                                     Inca Trail Itinerary                                                                                                                     What to Bring


Natural Beauty

Day 1: Arrival Lima
We meet you at the Lima airport to take you to your hotel.

Day 2 – 4: Cusco and Inca Ruins (11,100 ft/ m)
Early morning flight to Cusco, where we spend the afternoon and the next two days exploring the amazing sites around this early capital of the expanding Inca Empire. See “Places to See” – on the menu bar.


(including a daily Leadership Development activity)

Day 5: Piskacuchu to Wayllabamba (9,023 ft/2,750 m) – 5 hr, 6.7m/11Km
Train to Piskacuchu (km 82), the start our Inca Trail which begins at the Urubamba River. We climb/trek past the ruins of Llaqtapata, terraced fields toward the Cusichaca Valley and the town of Wayllabamba  located at the confluence of the Cusichaca and Llullucha rivers.

Day 6: Wayllabamba to Pacaymayo – 8 hr, 6.5 m/10.4km
After breakfast we climb through the Llullucha Valley, to the Warmiwanuska Pass (13,780 ft/4,200 m). Our time around Cusco was utilized to marvel at the Inca accomplishments and also to allow the body to acclimatize in preparation for this day! From the pass we see the Runturacay ruins and the Pacamayo River. Now the trail descends, on ancient Inca steps to the Pacamayo River valley and our campsite.

Day 7: Pacaymayo to Wiñaywayna – 7 hr, 4.5m/7Km
This morning we have a 3/4 hour climb on a perfectly engineered Inca path that  follows the zigzagging line of the cliffs and mountainsides. A few hours later  we reach a second pass at 12,959 ft/3,950 m. We visit the Runcuracay archeological site. Before finally descend almost 5,250ft/1,600 m to the ruins of Sayacmarca wher the dense vegetation only allows us glimpses of the exquisite examples of Inca architecture: Phuyupatamarca and Winay Wayna. We marvel at the truly spectacular system of terraces, on our way to the Inca way stations called “Tambos”, where we spend our final night on the trail.

Day 8:  Wiñaywayna to Machu Picchu – 2 hr. 2.5m/4Km
Our final day of the trek to the lost city of the Inca, Machu Picchu. We hike to Inti Punku (Sun Gate), where we get our first glimpse of the awesome panorama of Machu Picchu. 30 minutes later finds us at the citadel, and the start of a 2 to 3-hour guided tour of Machu Picchu. We overnight in Aguas Clients.

Day 9:  Machu Picchu, Huayna Picchu (8,920ft/2,720 m) to Cusco

After bussing up to the ruins and taking photos, we start our climb of Hyaena Picchu the spectacular and seemingly impossibly steep mountain that frames Machu Picchu. It takes courage to star. Soon we get into our climbing rhythm (it’s still a trek) and within an hour find ourselves marveling at the amazing landscape that lies below. We catch a late afternoon train back to Cusco and our hotel, leave the Inca Trail behind and cherish the memories of an amazing experience and adventure.


Day 11:  Cusco to Lima and flight home                                                                                After breakfast we will have the opportunity to debrief your Leadership Development experience and Peruvian adventure. The purpose is to expand and ground your learning. Later we will fly back to Lima and connect with your flights home – unless you have decided to extend you trip by adding the Amazon Jungle or a Lake Titicaca.

INCA TRAIL AVAILABILITY  –  To preserve and protect the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, the Peruvian government is limiting the number of trekkers plus support staff allowed on the trail. The number is strictly enforced by permit. All applications must be accompanied by the trekkers name and passport number. Once the quota has been reached, trail applications are closed for that day.The slightly longer route consists of 25 mile (40 KM) of spectacular, mountainous jungle trek that leads to the sacred Inca city of Machu Picchu. We cover the distance in 4 days, then overnight in Aguas Callientes, explore the ruins on day five and return to Cusco late the same day.


– Warm Jacket or Sweater (on the trail the nights might be cold)

– Underwear (one pair of long-johs)

– Sleeping bag (+5 to -5 degrees F)

– Rain Gear (pancho)

– Trekking Poles

– T-shirt , shorts, long pants (trekking or jeans)

– Small personal back pack (day-pack)

– Sun hat, wool hat (evenings and early mornings), sun glasses

– Water bottle, flash light

– Trekking boots (or shoes) – running shoes for camp in evening

– Insect repellent – Sun cream – Lip balm

– Personal medications

– Towel (small)

– Toilet paper, toiletries  etc.

– Extra US$50 to $100 changed into Peruvian Soles for any emergency

– US$ for tipping guides and porters (see Dates and Fees)


– Hand Sanitizer

– Pee Bottle

– Fanny Pack – for quick access to water bottle, sunscreen, etc.

– Camera

– Water Purification Tablets or water filtration system


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