Leadership Dev.


Leadership is vital in every walk of life, personal and business!

Great leaders will tell you, leadership is the culmination of lessons learned, courage and a quest that leads to a life worth living while creating a Better World.


  • Nobody is born a leader
  • Everyone was born with leadership potential
  • Most people would love to be recognized as a leader
  • Few people truly achieve this status; and yet, the journey itself, can be so exciting and rewarding
  • And, best of all, leadership can be learned. . . even though Leadership Training does not work. Leaders are developed from the inside out!
  • We all already are leaders, effective or ineffective, in our role as parents, spouses, employers, and influencers of every kind. The question is, how strong are our relationships and to what extent do our followers applaud our leadership?
  • We can all raise our leadership capabilities to a higher level, for the benefit of self, those around us and the world at large!

It might surprise you, high altitude team-climbing (Werner has climbed the 7-Summits including Mt. Everest, and is the oldest person in the world to have done so), has taught him more about the qualities and skills of leadership than his two post-graduate degrees, his personal business experiences, plus his Corporate Consulting career, combined. For him the trails and climbs really became, “The street-smart school to leadership development.”

First and foremost, leadership has everything to do with character, personal orientation and self awareness. As an aspiring leader you must ask yourself, “What is driving my aspirations for leadership?” When you ask employees, “Why do you think your “boss” wanted to be in a managerial or leadership role?”, their answers invariably are;

  • They crave power
  • They want control
  • They want to be served – to have others do the ‘dirty’ work.

Really? “Yes, they don’t care!” How sad, and, in our experience, how unfortunately true.  Shouldn’t leadership be a privilege for making a difference in the lives of others, sharing talents and inspiring toward a common good?

A few years ago Fortune magazine conducted a study of North American leaders and concluded, “95% of North American managers say the right thing. Only 5% do the right thing. That has to change.”

On the other hand, we are so very thankful for the effective leaders we have known who model the role and:

  • Empower people to evolve into as much as they can be
  • Free up people, so they can use their imagination and abilities to the fullest, and
  • Serve their reports by keeping the ‘crap’ out of their way so they can do the job; the one they chose and were hired to do.

The purpose of these sessions is to act as a wake-up call to help you determine who you are as a leader and who you are going to be in your creation of a BETTER WORLD. How can we function as a country when 79% of employees do not look forward to their work and a stunning 16% actually work against the interests of the company that employes them?

The Elements of Effective Leadership

High on the list of the elements of effective leadership are:

  • an ability to establish credibility and trust;
  • having a deep understanding and consistently practicing win/win…thus fostering a positive work environment;
  • having a compelling vision for success (business or family);
  • encouraging open and honest communication; and
  • projecting a sincere degree of humility, while still being courageous and committed to creating a Better World.

These leaders frequently ask themselves and their reports (even spouses and children):

How am I doing as a leader?                                                                                                    What do I do well and what should I do better?                                                                  What should I do less of, and even, what should I stop doing?                                          What should I start doing?

Amongst the many other characteristics are honesty and integrity. When followers trust their leader and are clear on a common and compelling goal, they will literally go through thick and thin to uphold their part of the bargain. The best and likely most extreme example are the discretionary and heroic feats, voluntarily performed in war, where the consequence of a chosen action could readily have resulted in death.

Effective leaders are dedicated to provide an environment that encourages high performance and high fulfillment. Ask yourself, “What could North America corporations achieve, and what would our society be like, if the majority of employees looked forward to their work day and to the contributions they make, instead of so many hating to go to work?” Some say this nirvana picture of corporate life is a myth and can never be achieved. All you have to do is look at the number of leaders, and their companies, who are enjoying this level of achievement.


Because people, times and situations change, leadership is a path of continuos learning. The effective leader’s fundamental role is to inspire through time-tested skills which are covered in the following Curriculum: (Blueprint available upon registration):

Module 1 – The Foundation to all Influence – and hence Leadership

Module 2 – The Five Obstacles that Stop Positive Resonance in its Tracks

Module 3 – Success Environments: The Leader’s Only Responsibility

Module 4 – The Warriors Path to Full Collaboration (1+1=1)

Module 5 – Getting Stuck in the Growth Curve

Module 6 – The Secret Steps to Creating a High Performance Team

Module 7 – A Missing Link – How to Build Relationship, Fast, Deep and Long Lasting

Module 8 – The Unlikely Dance Between Performance and Fulfillment

Bonus Module 9 – The BS of “Do Unto Others . . . “

On the Trek/Climb – Each day you will be assigned a specific leadership developmental challenge. . .the ideal place for “INside Out Learning.”.

FINAL THOUGHTS – Leadership Development Program

Leaders make a difference! They seek win/win solutions. They are advancers. They are preservers of the globe for the greater good! They don’t force their ideas nor do they sell them; rather, they motivate, inspire and encourage!

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are all leaders to some degree. For each of us, dipping our toes into the immersion pool of available knowledge can only lead to fresh perspectives, life changing experiences, learning and personal growth! We have designed this adventure to assist you in discovering your strengths from within, and from the following stimuli:

  • The Inca Culture and it’s remarkable expansion and accomplishments, more than 500 years ago, can today still teach us a somewhat lost way of being…see “Places to See”
  • The Amazon Jungle and its myriad of life lessons exemplifies how the simplicity of the inhabitant’s way of life, and the tranquility of nature can simultaneously sustain and enhance our very being…see “Amazon”
  • The combined experiences and adventurous spirit of Heshie and Werner as consultants, coaches, adventurers, and leaders in their own right, can also support you in discovering your own essence…see “Leadership Dev.”
  • Once acknowledged and accepted, our collective and individual innate wisdoms and leadership strengths can guide us through the highs and lows and the chasm that falls between.

Come play and learn in the Land of the Inca!

LEADERSHIP      COURAGE                      . . . . and FUN!!!!!
VISION                  MOTIVATION     

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