Happy Smiling Faces and Cherished Friendships! EBC Trek.

Inca Trail

It was the most magnificent experience of my life…. OMG it was incredible! Werner, I bet you’d be surprised how often I do think of that trip … when you can hike the Inca Trail, you know you can do and get through anything! Love and hugs. –Mary Pougnet

Inca Trail (October 2006):         18 people started out and 18 made it! Awesome!

Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek (May 2010):        40 people started out and 40 made it! What an amazing team!

Africa (Serengeti/Mt. Kilimanjaro – Dec/Jan 2011):         23 climbers started out 14 got to the very top of Africa (61% success rate – average 42%). Previous trips: 13 started and 9 made it (69%); and 9 started and 8 made it (88%).

Post-Trek Comments – May 2010

“It was a great adventure and I appreciate all your help during it. I know it was a lot of work and effort on your part to keep 40 people moving. You were a fabulous “Mother Hen”. –Sandie V. IL, USA

Werner, everything you did was first class, timely, comprehensive & informative. –Philip K. AZ

I personally feel bad that we (as a group) have not recognized you (Werner) for your amazing leadership and generosity. This would have normally been done during the Celebration dinner (which we had to miss because of the weather). –Christian Dion, ON, Canada

Thank you for everything, Werner. I am changed – and I believe it is for the better. –Collette L., Ca, USA

What an amazing adventure. Thank you for all you have done and more importantly for who you are. Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you! –Zachary R., CA USA

Werner is such an amazing leader. The trek was the best experience ever; life changing!! –Lisa W., ON, Canada

I loved being all day on the trail with the rhododendrons, amazing views and congenial people. –Elizabeth P., NY, USA

Thank you Werner for your forever positive, sharing, caring and observant ways. Priceless .  –Martha G, NM, USA

Standing Ovation Werner! –Penny K., AZ, USA

I don’t know how either Werner could have improved on this. I was satisfied with the entire performance. –Faith W., ON Canada

I was impressed with the individual attention given in a 40-person group. Personally, I thought Werner was always accessible, and helpful. I was confident that any concern I brought to you would be considered fairly and efficiently. You were a good model for us. –Gary G., CA USA

Werner’s support was invaluable….his experiences alone helped us achieve this goal…..we could always rely on him for support and a kick in the butt if needed. –Linda A., AZ USA

The support was exceptional. Werner worked very hard behind the scene to make this happen. –Christian D., ON Canada


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