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Max Steingart…You’re as small as your controlling desires, or as great as your dominant aspirations.


Werner Berger and Heshie Segal

Werner Berger

Executive Movie Producer, Corporate Consultant, High Altitude Climber, Adventure Trek Organizer and Leader

Werner Berger is founder and president of a number of different companies*: Example: Strategic Results International is a consulting firm dedicated to transforming corporations into opportunities of unprecedented fulfillment and success. His processes focus on co-creating vibrant workplaces in which employees pride themselves for creativity and high performance. Clearly, this translates into increased productivity, higher morale, lower stress, less sick leave and a distinct competitive advantage. Effective leadership and the creation of a culture conducive to high performance are the keys.

Werner speaking at a Robert Allen event a few days after returning from his successful climb of Mt. Everest

Uniqueness counts and this is exactly what Berger brings to his clients around the world. His background of growing up with limited means, no electricity, no running water, and no telephone, coupled with his drive to excel through school and two postgraduate degrees was a significant undertaking in itself. Then, taking over a small business and growing it from 17 to 94 employees in 7 years and initially retiring at age 42 was just Part 2 in Werner’s life. After his retirement, Werner embarked on a 26 year, corporate consulting career which was followed by his climbing adventures, the top of Mount Everest and into the record books.

In May 2007, Werner became the oldest North American (in fact, oldest person in the Western World) to climb the 7-Summits (highest point on all seven continents). His successful climb of Mount Everest became the crowning glory of his seven summits quest. He brings the vitality of his high altitude climbing and diverse life experiences into the public domain for change and/or his corporate consulting, development, and trainings.

Three years after reaching the top of the world, in May 2010, Werner lead a group of 40 people to Mt. Everest Base Camp. The oldest person on the trek was 84 and the youngest 18. To the trekking community’s astonishment, every single person made it; an unheard of success rate . . . the normal drop out rate on this trek is between 25 and 45%.

Werner’s unique perspective allows his clients to see the larger picture of what it means to be in the foothills and to propel themselves to the top.

Werner’s Movie Poster

All of these facts make him the ideal entrepreneur to launch Meet Me at the Top, Inc., create a movie as compelling and transformational as Back from the Edge, and now coordinate, adventure treks and their deeply meaningful and generally life changing experiences.

Werner’s passions for change, his nutrition and health regime, and his climbing, are only superseded by his love of his wife, his four children, and grandchildren.

Werner’s Business Interests

* Strategic Results International – Corporate Consulting (1984 –  )

* Meet Me At The Top, Inc – Movie Production (purpose: to change global health), Adventure Travel (2005 – )

* WJB Health and Wellness Consulting – Health and Wealth Creation (1994 –  )

Joy on the Summit of Everest

Heshie Segal

Heshie Segal

Professional speaker, trainer, author, consultant, executive coach, children’s champion, radio talk show host, and Assistant Movie Producer.

Heshie Segal helps top executives, managers and individuals build their business through relationships. Corporations, colleges, universities, non-profit organizations  and individuals alike seek out her powerful, interactive presentations. She recently completedher first MemCard-book, Blink! You’re Judged: How to Create a Powerful, Positive First Impression.

Her warmth, energy, and expertise lead to substantive change regardless of the venue. Heshie Segal teaches her clients how to turn a business card, a presentation, and even a chance meeting into lasting business. For over 16 years Heshie has dedicated herself to understanding and sharing the secrets of human connections.

Heshie is a leader, a Ruby Director and Lifetime Platinum Pacesetter with Usana Health Sciences

Just her 2008 Global Ranking alone tells the story: #12 Top Growth 100;  # 1  Platinum Pacesetter Creator (helping others build their businesses); #13 Top Associate Enroller; and #17 Top 25 Preferred Customer Enroller. She has  become a passionate health advocate as a result of working with this company and enjoying its world class products.

Testimonials – Heshie

“Heshie Segal was the first person in 8 months who offered to do something for us . . . for free . . . no strings. She spoke to us about Jetnetting. I listened and was enthralled with her ideas. The potential impact of her model was huge. What if we did what she advocated?  We took action. To make a long story short, in June we billed 15 times what we billed in February. I love Heshie’s Jetnetting. It feels right. IT WORKS” (extract from a glowing testimonial of 2959 words)… Jane Cameron, Co-Founder Cattlelogos

“Using Heshie’s 21 tips, I increased my business by $60,000 in less than 21 days”…Pat Gardner, CEO of Maximum Sales Inc., Strategic Sales Consulting

“One of last year’s most valuable events was your training session I attended on “Business Networking/JetNetting Skills”. The simplicity and clarity of your presentation enabled me to put the strategies to work right away. Thanks for making a positive difference in the way my company operates”…Steve Coscia, President Coscia Communications

“Heshie’s approach to business development is unlike any I have ever encountered. I have more contacts, more sales, and a larger resource pool.  JetNetting works. Wherever Heshie goes, she is like a magnet. I need to be around her!”… Janice M. Coleman, President, The Platinum Training Company

“Was she ever right! In the event Heshie Segal did for our Chamber, I learned that the business card serves as the reminder but the business itself comes from taking the time to cultivate long lasting relationships with the owner of the card.  Because of this event, I now enjoy writing fun details on the back of business cards I receive as I begin new relationships, ones that have already translated into business”...Amanda L. Unger, Capital Blue Cross, Northern Regional Sales, Marketing

‘With her trademark intensity of optimism and energy, Heshie extricates people from isolation and scarcity, introduces them to her extremely wide and diverse network of business and social contacts, and follows through on the process of making the most diminished among us achieve wholeness, success and human connection – many for the first time in their lives. When she speaks, she is a shame-free, courageously open sharer, who simultaneously is literate, funny, relevant and entertaining”…Laura Szabo-Cohen Author, director, producer, actress, TV and radio personality, Poet Laureate

“Heshie Segal walks her talk. She is THE expert on teaching people how to make the connections they need, building business in a warm market (even in a sluggish economy) and producing top dollar results”…Ellen Ely Oluwole, Director of Marketing, The Brickman Group, LTD.

“Heshie Segal’s JetNetting approach to business development through being of service to others, building relationships and diverse networks before they are needed, have come at the right time for this country. It’s what we need to bring us back to some very basic values that have seemingly been forgotten”...Benjamin F. Brooks, Major Ben’s Consulting Agency

“Heshie’s JetNetting is a way to increase your net worth and network simultaneously”…Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul and America’s leading authority on human potential

Heshie is gracious, generous and full of connections. She loves to make introductions that help people grow professionally and personally. And she inspires others to do the same. We have benefited directly by Heshie’s JetNetting approach”…Gina F. Rubel, Esq., President Furia Rubel Communications, Inc.

“I thought I ran a successful conference until Heshie showed me what success was all about.  Accountants who had been coming to my conference for 15 years suddenly came to life.  Everyone was networking and having fun.  It was truly amazing”…Marie McCaffrey, President of The Delaware Conference

“Heshie Segal is one of the best presenters I’ve seen.  Her seminars are informative and easy to implement. The contacts I made at the session were concrete, long lasting and her techniques  were so simple to actually use. JetNetting is the concept that is a must for any business person who wants to grow their contacts and connections”…Jill Lublin, author Guerrilla Publicity and CEO of the Public Relations Consulting Firm, Promising Promotion

“Heshie is the Queen of Connectivity!  She is an expert in the “how to” of building relationships that will help you grow your business exponentially.  I highly recommend Heshie Segal and her powerful JetNetting system!”…Willie Jolley  Syndicated Radio Host and America’s #1 Motivational Speaker-Singer-Author                                                                                                                                        

“The thousands of business persons among our hundreds of member companies and tens-of-thousands of e-Spin readers have had the opportunity to learn from Heshie Segal in-person through her seminars and in e-print, via her weekly column for us. Our clients come away with new business and excellent tools for creating even more business. She is the in-house JetNetting guru to thousands of people”… Steven E. C. Sroczynski,  GetContactX Association, President and CEO

“There’s networking and then there is Jetnetting.   Heshie Segal “wowed” our members as our inaugural speaker for our new NAWBO North Central Jersey Chapter and set the tone for all our future meetings.  We now have a template on how we can create and establish the right personal and business relationships for the right time”…T. Waldmann-Williams, PhD, TWW Consulting, President, NAWBO North Central Jersey Chapter

“After Heshie’s seminar on making good contacts, I was able to make more than 15 new contacts and set 6 appointments. Her system has made a huge difference in how I  – handle contact management after an event”...Jen Apa, Alphagraphics

In the world of students:

”Heshie Segal ruled our assembly program before it began. She moved quickly down the aisles to shake as many hands as possible and had built tremendous rapport before she uttered a word on stage. Students were attentive, smiling and responsive as she provided numerous opportunities for participation. She got a thunderous standing ovation followed by being swamped by students wanting her business card”…Lynn Margolis, High School Teacher

Heshie is a woman who knows people…lots and lots of people…and she’s an expert at connecting those people.  Her genuine love of helping others reach their goals and dreams is obvious as is her drive to connect as many people as possible.  Heshie is single-handedly closing the infamous “six degrees of separation” down to just one degree.  She’s amazing”...Kirstin Carey, Principal, Orange Tree Training & Speaking Group

“I had the good fortune to attend one of Heshie Segal’s JetNetting sessions several months ago.  As soon as I heard her, I knew that my company really needed her help.  As a manager with AFLAC, I had been struggling with our old, outdated method of connecting with decision-makers — primarily cold calling. I saw Heshie’s method as a way of connecting with decision-makers while at the same time fostering a strong and mutually beneficial relationship. It’s working beautifully!”…Laurie McCarthy, AFLAC, Business Development

“Heshie’s JetNetting Concept Saved My Marriage!  A couple years ago, my business was in a lull. The phone wasn’t ringing. My speaking and consulting engagements weren’t keeping up with my monthly bills. The cash squeeze brought on fear and doubt, making me a miserable person to live with. My wife was fed up with my crankiness. Then I sat through one of Heshie’s JetNetting seminars. My attitude took a 180 degree turn and business took off. My new found excitement and magnetism brought my marriage to new heights, too”…Keith Ellison, The Ellison Group


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